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Different people will have varying points of view if you ask about the distinction between a traditional and modern funeral. Even the titles can be open to interpretation. These labels are often viewed through an oversimplified lens, such as what the mourners wear, the funeral venue, whether cremation or burial is selected, or even the type of Procession hearse chosen. For example, the rainbow hearse is seen as remarkably modern and breaking tradition and decidedly different from the norm. But is that really the case, and can they co-exist if that’s what those preparing the funeral arrangements really want?


Does Modern Exclude All Tradition?

There’s a sense that modern is only out with the old to make way for the new, but our view is that modernity and tradition can go hand in hand. They are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Some people may feel traditional is the only way to go, and those family members making the arrangements may feel the pressure to comply with this expectation. But that is precisely the opposite of what a modern funeral is supposed to be – an opportunity to make choices. They may be odd, strange or downright wacky, but that’s the beauty of choice – a funeral can be anything you imagine it to be. What’s most vital is to have a meaningful funeral, whether it’s one of a kind or traditional, with a slight twist. Your choices are for you alone, even when it comes to saying goodbye. 


Grief is Not Modern or Traditional

It’s essential to acknowledge that grief isn’t a modern or traditional concept and is instead a unifying human experience that will mark each one of us in life. Funerals are an event that means different things depending on where you are from, your religion, creed, or your concept of what it means to be human. Therefore it makes sense for people to choose which customs and traditions they wish to incorporate and those they want to amend to suit them. The important part is that a loved one’s death is marked, and the family and friends are able to gather and mourn. 


Choosing the Right Funeral Director Helps

A modern funeral director’s job isn’t to tell someone how-to’s or must-haves for a funeral. Instead, they should act as a facilitator to help support and guide each individual through their options with complete transparency and compassion during this difficult time in their lives. It’s vital that family and friends feel supported in whatever choices they make to send off their loved one. 

Contact County Funerals

When choosing a Modern Funeral with a supportive team helping with your arrangements, consider County Funerals. We take care of your arrangements – including those unusual ones – with respect and the utmost dignity for your loved one. Visit our website, or view our funeral price list to discover more ways we can be of service. Alternatively, you can reach one of our experienced funeral directors here.

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