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With the range of Funeral Directors available in Dunstable, it’s easy to see that selecting one may be overwhelming, especially when times are overwhelming, like when a loved one passes. However, our family-managed company, County Funerals, focuses on compassion, with respectful and dedicated services to take the stress out of arrangements at an already difficult time.

We know that organising a send-off for a loved one can be fraught and challenging, with so much to do and how hard it may feel to make the necessary decisions. Our team of experienced professionals will provide the support and endeavour to ensure our services align with your requirements and the last wishes left by your loved one.

Having an understanding and professional funeral director on your side will make all the difference.

What Do We Do?

From a contemporary funeral arrangement, something eccentric and individualised, to formal religious funerals, or respectful but simple funerals, we can help.

We can incorporate ceremony and modernity, thoughtfulness and traditional elements, and anything else you could expect from an experienced family business. Additionally, our experience organising custom goodbyes allows you to rest assured we can help you and your family through this time.

We watch out and can advise on all those special touches that are important for you, allowing you to say goodbye in a personal way. Personalised, professional, and respectful services are what you can expect when working with us.

Our Approach: Care For Our Clients

We want to help make this difficult time easier for everyone involved, whether last wishes call for a detailed or religious funeral or something no-frills, without fanfare or a being laid to rest without mourners present.

We can help with everything, including special consideration and assistance available for the specific requirements for a Hindu, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, and Jewish funeral.

We also craft respectful and reverent non-religious, humanist, and cremation services. Everything we offer and do is respectful, adhering to the letter of what you want and need. We also help clients recapture special memories with their deceased loved one – maybe there is a particular location or car that evokes a happy memory or smile – and we work to capture that for you. Finally, we work to help you find a personal way to say farewell. 

Our Team

The County Funerals team works with compassion and professionalism as an essential part of our services. We conduct our duties with the greatest care and dignity for your loved one. Our team is the best part of our services. 

Contact Us for Your Funeral in Dunstable

With so many types of funerals available, take the overwhelm out by working with the experienced team at County Funerals. We create goodbyes as unique as your loved one. Whether it’s something no-frills, over-the-top, religious or not, humanist or bespoke, we consider every detail each step along the path. For further information, simply reach out to our team of experienced funeral directors, or take a look at our online pricelist to get started. 

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