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We are very sorry you require funeral services in Wellingborough. Our County Funerals team is here on standby to support your arrangements twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are on call to ensure that we can readily help when and how you need it, which we know is often not during standard office hours.

As a family member or close friend making funeral arrangements for a departed loved one, or if you are pre-making arrangements yourself for your own send off your way, you have the best understanding of what you or your loved one may want. County Funerals is a facilitator, helping to create a distinctive and bespoke funeral that matches the deceased’s character, worldview, religious affiliation, and lifestyle. 

County Funerals is proud to be a family-run company that has over forty years experience. Our team are professionals, experienced at managing and supporting funeral arrangements to ensure everything runs smoothly and is a little less overwhelming. We understand this may be a tough time, so we aim to alleviate the load where possible.

Our team supports clients with empathy and compassion throughout all our services and all we do. These ethics are core to our operations and everything we do. Again, we know this may be a stressful and distressing time for you and your loved ones, so we make your passed loved one and your family our top priority. 

County Funerals prides itself on providing individual options. We work hard to understand your requirements to create bespoke and traditional funerals, or we can also offer a no-frills simple funeral as requested. We work with the family after bereavement, or if the arrangements are made preemptively by the person who has passed, we ensure every detail is just so. We arrange everything for a memorable send-off, adding thoughtful aspects to the proceedings. Simply help us understand your preferences, and our team will tirelessly strive to make it a reality. 

We Offer The Following Services

  • Twenty-four-hour, seven days a week on-call service – we are open to help whenever you call
  • Our team can deliver full support for funeral arrangements
  • We offer competitive rates for all burials, cremations and funerals, fully disclosed in our price list and tailored to your requirements
  • We arrange funerals for all faiths and cultures, with utmost respect
  • Viewing arrangements can be made on request
  • We can organise diverse options for hearses and bespoke transportation
  • We can commission headstones and memorial masonry to your specifications
  • Creation of personalised memorials and tributes
  • Prepaid and pre-planned funeral arrangements can be mad

Contact Us for Your Funeral in Wellingborough

County Funerals, our team, and our services endeavour to provide stress-free and empathetic help during this challenging time. We consider your needs and wants every step of the way, so be assured that every service we offer is done with respect for your family and your departed loved one. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information – we are always open. 

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