Welcome to County Funerals….

A modern family run funeral service, offering support and encouraging choice; giving families and friends the freedom to say goodbye the way they want to.

Family and friends know their loved ones better than anyone else and County Funerals can help you to plan a more individual and bespoke approach to funerals.

We are proud to offer funeral planning services with a difference. Everyone is individual; different in character, belief and lifestyle. So, in death their final send-off should be tailored to match their personality in life.

We have a number of alternative vehicles for that final journey and are more than happy to help you plan a funeral at a less traditional location. We have delivered final tributes at Santa Pod Raceway, Krispy Kreme drive through, in a private house rear garden and a community hall, amongst others.

You can hold a funeral ceremony almost anywhere or even not at all – perhaps you would prefer to create a celebration of your loved ones after cremation.

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Meet the Team

Grant Pinney


As the great-grandson of a funeral Director and embalmer Grant has always had an awareness of the funeral industry and the services it delivers

Jeff Barnes


Jeff is a father of 3 and worked for the London fire brigade for 27 years before joining the funeral services 8 years ago. He’s worked as a funeral service

Sandra Bellringer


Sandra is a mother of 4 worked in education for 17 years before joining our team in 2018. As a funeral operative her hobbies include dancing,

Peter Stanbury


Peter joined County funerals in March 2020. He was recruited by his cousin’s wife Sandra Bellringer in keeping with the family firm theme.

Amelia Stoker

amelia (1)

Since graduating University in 2008, with a BSc (Hons) in environmental hazards and disaster management I have worked as a Funeral Arranger

Donna Goddard


Donna’s journey with County Funerals began with a personal experience when her father passed away.


neil (1)

Neil is Grants Brother and has worked in the funeral industry since 2010, where his first job was working alongside Grant. Neil has 4 children.


SAM (1)

Sam has 2 children and 1 grandson, he joined the Navy in 1975, he then joined Hertfordshire Fire Service in 1989 and served for 25 years.

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