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Direct Cremation

There are many ways to say goodbye to a loved one. Some may be extravagant, while others are quiet and contemplative. Direct Cremations are the latter, offering a cost-effective funeral option, whilst also ensuring the deceased is treated with dignity and respect.

Some people choose them as there is no fanfare attached, and those left celebrate the life of their loved one rather than marking their death. Others opt for it because they don’t want fuss and bother to be made of their passing. Whatever your reasons for considering a Direct Cremation, County Funerals will ensure that you or your loved one receives the utmost care.

Although still a rather modern funeral option, Direct Cremation are becoming more popular in the UK but they are still somewhat misunderstood. We aim to dispel that by providing clear information on what it entails.

Essentially a Direct Cremation is a simple and affordable funeral option, as the cremation takes place without a service or ceremony while complying with all laws that surround how funerals must be carried out.

There is no option to view the deceased and there will be no embalming done, and aside from the funeral direction team, there is no need for mourners to attend on the day. Family or friends will however receive a simple urn with the ashes of their loved ones, or on request, the ashes may be scattered in a requested location. 

Reasons for selecting a Direct Cremation

  • You, your family, or your friends may wish to hold a memorial service or a celebration of life at a later date
  • You don’t want a fuss when you pass
  • You may want to remember your loved one in your own way without a formal service that focuses on their passing
  • There is no immediate family
  • There is no financial provision for a formal funeral and the costs they entail
  • You are able to arrange a personalised tribute for your departed loved one, without the time and cost-pressure of a traditional funeral

What is included in a Direct Cremation?

  • Collection of the deceased from their place of death including transportation in a specialised vehicle
  • A simple wood veneered coffin
  • Direct cremation at a crematorium of our choosing
  • Low-cost cremation and all associated fees
  • The scattering of remains on request or ashes provided in a simple urn
  • We offer fixed prices as published and these include doctor’s fees of £82.00, usually payable in England and Wales

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When selecting County Funerals for your or a loved ones’ Direct Cremation, you will receive peace of mind that all services are conducted with the dignity and respect of the departed forefront in all we do. We aim to provide services that support you with what is arguably one of the most difficult experiences in life with thoughtful and attentive consultation. We strive to support family and friends to say goodbye in the way they choose. For more information on how we can help, reach out to our professional team by clicking here.

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