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Memorial Masonry

Alongside the difficulty of losing a loved one, there are so many decisions to be made when a loved one passes on. Funerals are known to be complex and expensive, and if there are no last wishes left, the burden falls on the family left behind to make arrangements.

At County Funerals, we try to make those decisions that little bit easier by guiding all of those tough funeral arrangement decisions. We help families through this difficult time, while also assisting in every aspect of funeral planning, including the selection of the perfect memorial headstone or monument. 

Memorial stone or monument selection is deeply personal for so many reasons, so we aim to help make the process easy when choosing an appropriate tribute for your loved one. For many families, a memorial is a visible commemoration of the deceased and stands as the link between themselves and their loved one.

We understand the pressure that comes with trying to get it just right during this time, whether instructions were left in the form of last wishes or not. We will help choose a memorial to preserve your precious memories and honour their life with dignity and respect while keeping the needs of the family at the forefront. 

We take time to talk with our clients to determine the needs and desires for the personalised memorial. We support every step of the way, from how you would like the monument designed through to the production or carving and placement in its final location.

Your consultation with our skilled and compassionate team will also help you select the stone type and have it carved to your specifications.

We offer high-quality natural stones for everything from cemeteries and churchyards to an urn or vase tailored to your requirements. Our stonemason partners can craft any shape and size, with the design incorporating a broad range of materials, embellishment, verses and wording, or personalised messages to make it exactly what you want a bespoke memorial.

They can transform a simple stone into something truly beautiful with your finishing touches to make it personalised for your loved one.

We offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary memorial designs and inscriptions using the many different stone types, whether that be an image, words about a favourite hobby, a funny memory, family badge or crest, or even a beloved child’s drawing. Whatever you envisage, we will work to make it a reality.

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When choosing County Funerals for a memorial or a family funeral, we aim to provide services that support you through this challenging time in life.

We are thoughtful and attentive through every consultation, with a compassionate and sensitive approach to your needs whether you are arranging your funeral ahead of time or you are a family member after the fact. We strive to support the needs of the family and friends saying goodbye. For more information on how we can help commemorate your loved one, reach out to our professional team. Click here to contact us today.

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