Simple Funeral Plans & Services

The Simple Funeral Starting from £3,500

Ways of Holding a Simple Funeral

A Simple Funeral is a less traditional funeral focused on a celebration of life with a family led service at a crematorium. A simple funeral is a more affordable, fundamental-only approach when compared with a Traditional Funeral. Essentially Simple Funerals follow the same structure as Traditional Funerals, however, they come with a lower price and with less pomp and ceremony, such as the coffin will already be in the crematorium chapel on the catafalque before the mourners arrive for the service. This is a great option for those who wish not to be constrained by traditional requirements or expectations, and instead are seeking a personalised option with a lower price tag. They can be arranged before time for those who want to arrange their own funeral, or by family members wishing to say farewell to their loved one. 


The Simple Funeral includes all our funeral director fees, advice on registration and certification, bringing the deceased in to our care (out of our office hours additional fee applicable), a standard veneered coffin, visiting in the chapel of rest, cremation fees (up to £995), doctors fees. The cremated remains are returned to the family in a simple urn or can be scattered at the crematorium with or without the family present. 

There are many ways to hold a Simple Funeral, and there may be many suggestions we at County Funerals can make to help keep costs lower and arrangements more straightforward.

Reasons for selecting a Simple Funeral

  • You can choose the time and date of the service.
  • No funeral cars or limousines with family members usually making their way to and from the funeral.
  • A standard veneered coffin 
  • You can choose if you have embalming take place at an additional cost. 
  • Few flowers or less elaborate floral arrangements, or perhaps no flowers included at all.
  • Donations to a charity can be made at the funeral service or we can set up an online donation page.
  • The funeral service can be held as a religious service or a non-religious tribute as there is no officiant present and can be family led.
  • Holding the wake in a private home to save on venue and catering costs, especially if friends bring food and drinks to share.
  • The options for our Simple Funerals can truly be tailored to you including having a burial, cremation, a natural burial, or eco-friendly options – again the choice is yours.

Select a Simple Funeral with County Funerals

When choosing County Funerals for your or a loved ones’ Simple Funeral, you can rest assured that all of our services are conducted with the dignity and respect of the deceased forefront in all we do.

We aim to support you with thoughtful and attentive consultation and professional services while supporting family and friends to say goodbye in the way they choose. Our Simple Funerals start from £2,800 with the options for endless adaptations to suit you. For more information on how we can help, reach out to our team of experienced funeral directors to guide you through. Contact us today by clicking here.

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