Funeral Services

Maybe you would like to organise a traditional send off or perhaps you would prefer something completely different? Whatever you decide, we believe people should be able to have the funeral they want.

Offering a personal approach to every family, we will listen and advise you honestly whilst explaining all your options in a straightforward way enabling you to make your choices. We do not believe in adding unnecessary extras and will only provide you with the services you need and choose.

It is our privilege to be able to take care of your loved ones when they pass and to guide you through each and every step of the journey

Terms of Business:
For all arrangements, a minimum of £250 deposit is required in advance of the funeral. County Funerals accepts payments by Credit and Debit Card, Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer.
The balance is due 30 days from the date of the invoice.
County Funerals retains the title to all goods supplied and rights obtained from third parties until full payment is received.
If payment has been requested from the DWP, a Bank, or the Estate we require copies of eligibility to hold the account.

Direct Cremation

At County Funerals we offer a direct cremation service. Direct cremation is the simplest and most affordable funeral option, where the cremation takes place without an attended funeral service. Your reasons for choosing this option could be:

  • You, your family and friends may wish to hold a memorial service or a celebration of life at a later date
  • You may want to remember your loved one in your own way without any need for a formal service
  • There is currently no immediate family or financial provision for a formal funeral

By choosing a direct cremation you are able to arrange a much more personalised tribute, without the time and cost-pressure of a traditional funeral.

What is included?

  • Collection of the deceased from their place of death
  • Transportation in a specialised vehicle
  • Direct cremation at a Crematoria of our choosing
  • Simple wood veneered coffin
  • Lowest cost cremation
  • Cremation fees
  • Scattering of remains
  • Fixed price as published

Are there any additional fees? Our direct cremation fee includes the doctor’s fees worth £82.00, usually payable in England and Wales.


Simple Funerals

A less traditional funeral focused on a simple celebration of life.

Funeral services can be held at a location of your choice rather than in a crematorium or cemetery chapel.

Choose to have a religious service or opt for a non-religious tribute.

You can either have a traditional hearse or one of our speciality hearses.

Perhaps you’d like to add an alternative coffin choice or a brass band…. The options for our simple funerals are endless.

You may then choose to have natural burial or for your loved one taken to the crematorium for their cremation without the need for you to attend the chapel – again the choice is yours

This option is available for families who wish to arrange a funeral outside the usual constraints!

Please contact us for more information on how to arrange and plan a simple funeral.

from £2,300

Traditional Funerals

County Funerals also offer a full traditional funeral service with all the standard provision you would usually expect at a funeral.

Our prices for traditional services can be made up according to your wishes. Please see the itemised table below to give you a guide as to what you can expect to pay for such services.

Professional Services

Provision of all funeral services including advice, support and guidance.
All the funeral personnel to carry out the funeral arrangements.
Conveyance of deceased in to our care£195
Conveyance - outside of office hours£340
Hearse & 4 bearers£295
Limousine (6 seats)£220
Mercedes Limousine (3 seats)£150
Horse Drawn Hearse£800
Specialty (e.g. motorbike, truck, camper)£800
We offer five types of coffins for full details please see our coffin price list
Wooden£95 - £600
Engraved Woodenfrom £600
Picturefrom £400
Natural Willow/Wicker/Woollenfrom £465
Casketsfrom £800
Cremated remains urnsfrom £20
Cremated remains casketfrom £90
Reception into church/home outside office hours£295
Embalmingfrom £130
Wooden cross grave marker£60
Humanists / Celebrants£200 - £250
Floral tributesfrom £25 - £300
Example: A 3 foot coffin sprayfrom £150
Orders of service, 50 copies, colour front cover£102
Obituary (depending on publication)£120
Doctor fee for cremation£82
Cateringfrom £10/head
Webcasts of crematorium servicesfrom £80


The cost of a funeral is made up of two different types of fees Funeral Director fees and Disbursements these are third-party costs associated with the funeral, such as doctor’s fees, florists, newspapers and officiant fees.

Doctors’ Fees

Doctors’ Fees are a legal requirement for cremations only.
Currently, due to COVID-19 only one doctor is needed to sign the Certificate of Cremation, with a fee of £82. Please note that this is subject to change at any time, back to the usual statutory requirement of 2 doctors, where the charge is £164.

If the Coroner is involved, doctor’s fees are not required.

Officiant / Minister

The funeral service will usually be taken by a funeral celebrant or a minister. They will address the congregation and, if requested, provide a eulogy to your loved one. We offer guidance on choosing a minister or celebrant to preside over your loved one’s funeral service, but you are equally welcome to use somebody you already have a preference for.

Popular choices to lead a cremation service are Religious leaders, Civil celebrants, Humanist or Friends and members of the family.
The fee for an Officiant or Minister is between £198 – £250.

Burial Plot & Cemetery Fees

Costs to buy the exclusive rights of burial vary for borough and cemetery. Burial plots also vary in price, depending on the location within the actual graveyard. We can let you know prices based on your specific requirements, but prices start from £1920 (North Herts Cemeteries) for the purchase of a plot and a single depth interment.

Crematoria & Cemetery Fees

If you do not currently have a preference for a crematorium to hold the service, the closest three are shown below. Each crematorium has different times and seating capacities.


CrematoriumStandard PriceReduced FeeUnattended Fee
North Hertfordshire Crematorium
Seating Capacity - 100
Visit website
(40 minute service)
8am, 9am, 10am
(40 minute service)
Harwood Park Crematorium
Seating Capacity - 80
Visit website
(35 minute service)
The Vale Crematorium
Seating Capacity - 120
Visit website
(50 minute service)
before 9am or after 4pm
between 9am and 4pm


CouncilPurchase of exclusive rightsInterment fee (single depth)Interment fee (double depth)
North Herts£1141.50£4566£781£3124£1152£4608

Church of England Churchyard burials

C of E Churchyard BurialsPrice
Burial in a churchyard proceeding a church service£920
Burial in a churchyard on a separate occasion£948

Disclosure of interests
County Funerals confirms: It is owned by County Funerals. It has not made any material charitable donation, charitable contribution or payment of a gratuity to a third party connected to the funeral sector. County Funerals have no interest in any price comparison website that compare funeral director and/or crematoria services.

Memorial Masonry

For many, the provision of a suitable memorial is a visible link between their departed loved ones and themselves. We hope our website will help you choose a suitable memorial to perpetuate your cherished memories and to honour a life with dignity and respect.

We offer a varied selection of high quality memorials in natural stone and granite, suitable for cemeteries and churchyards. Everything from a simple vase to an ornate kerb set. The memorial you choose can be tailored to your individual requirement in terms of size, colour, design and ornamentation. Personal designs and ornamentations can be included to make your choice truly unique, whether it is a particular sport, pastime or hobby, or perhaps some special achievement, we can create a memorial design for you encompassing all those thoughts and memories.

At County Funerals we will sit down with you to advise and help you through the process of choosing a memorial headstone, selecting a verse or message and any other additions. We would also be happy to forward brochures on request, although we do advise customers to visit our showroom to view the memorials on display and to see the beauty of natural stone.

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