Traditional Funeral Services

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Traditional Funerals

Not that long ago, there was only one type of funeral readily available in the UK which revolved around one Christian tradition or another. These traditions were often focused on a religious service followed by a burial. Nowadays, there are far more options available and cremation is the more popular option. 

Although many funeral services in the UK are still traditional, faith-based services – there are humanist and multi-faith options available too – there is also a move towards traditional funerals apart from religious services or affiliation.

Cultural diversity now means that funerals have expanded to be inclusive and offer many options available to suit the multitude of religions in our society. So whichever suits you, we can help make the arrangements for you. 


So what is now considered a Traditional Funeral? 

This type of funeral usually includes all the elements possible for a funeral and tends to follow a particular structure like the following:

There is a Visiting.

There is a period of time during which loved ones can come and see the person who has passed and say their last goodbyes.

There is a Service. 

Traditional funerals include a service, often held in a church, the funeral home, crematorium, or at the burial site. There may be verses or poetry read, songs sung, and someone – an officiant or perhaps a religious official – will say a few words. 

There is a Funeral Procession.

This is a procession led by the hearse carrying the coffin and is usually followed by a car or limousine with immediate family inside. This may be over only a short distance, driving from where the funeral service is held, to the crematorium, or perhaps taken as a walk through the cemetery. 

There is the option of Burial or Cremation.

For a burial, friends and family often follow the hearse or limousine with the coffin of their loved one in a procession to the cemetery to the graveside to see their loved ones final resting place. In the case of a cremation, the coffin will be taken after the service, with ashes being returned to the family later in an urn of their choosing. 

There is a Wake. 

This is a traditional reception held after the funeral where mourners gather to remember their passed loved one. This is traditionally held the same day, directly after the funeral to make the death and consider their passing 

Select a Traditional Funeral with County Funerals

When choosing County Funerals for a Traditional Funeral, you can have peace of mind that we will handle all arrangements with dignity and respect for the deceased.

We support those left behind with thoughtful and attentive consultation, professional services while supporting family and friends to say goodbye. As there are endless adaptations to suit your Traditional Funeral requirements, we have compiled our funeral price list for transparent and clear information available online. For more information on how we can help, reach out to our team of experienced funeral directors to guide you through. You can contact us by clicking here.

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