Funeral Directors Kettering

When you need funeral services in Kettering, reach out to County Funerals – our team is here to help. Our professional Funeral Directors do whatever conceivable to ensure that making arrangements is less overwhelming during challenging times. We support our clients in the best ways we can while endeavouring to lighten the load. 

County Funerals boasts with over 40 years extensive experience designing bespoke and personalised send-offs designed around your needs. We craft simple services with no-frills or can also handle something grand and dramatic. All you need to do is let us know your wishes, and we will work to make them a reality. We are a proudly family-managed business with a compassionate and humane approach that considers and supports the family and the individuals involved. Our family focus stays at our company’s core and all we do. You and your loved ones are our top priority. 

Our considerate and dedicated services alleviate stress where possible as we will take the lead to help you make arrangements, whether these are done preemptively or after a bereavement. We help you create unique send-offs, with every respect delivered for your departed loved one. The contrast in how we operate is extensive. With our help, attentive assistance, and professionalism, you can rest assured that plans will run smoothly.

How We Can Help

We can either offer services in our venues or alternatively support arrangements in a chosen venue. Our aim is to create a caring and appropriate atmosphere while maintaining a high standard of respect through every planning stage, focusing on an individual, bespoke funeral aligned with the passed individuals’ character, beliefs, and lifestyle. But, of course, it’s possible to have a funeral ceremony almost anywhere or not hold one.

Nowadays, it’s common to replace traditional funeral details with celebrating life parties or gatherings instead of commemorating life rather than passing.

Services We Offer

  • We provide personalised and experienced twenty-four-hour services and are available to assist whenever you call
  • Our team will provide full support and direction for arrangements every step of the way
  • We are proud to offer competitive pricing on all burials, cremations and a host of funeral services
  • We offer arrangements tailored to meet your specific needs
  • We can arrange funeral services for all faiths and cultures, each conducted with reverence and respect
  • We can make viewing arrangements on request
  • We can organise a range of hearses and bespoke transport options
  • We can commission headstones and memorial masonry, making all requested arrangements
  • Personalised memorials and tributes
  • Prepaid and pre-planned funeral arrangements

Contact Us for Your Funeral in Kettering

The County Funerals team and our services aim to help in a difficult time. We focus on your individual needs and those of your family, so you can rest assured that every service is conducted with respect and care for your departed loved one. For further details on how we can help, please call our experienced team twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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