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When considering Funeral Directors in Luton, consider County Funerals. We are a family-run business focusing on compassion and care during what is undoubtedly some of the most difficult times in life.

Choosing the details for your loved ones final send-off can feel insurmountable – who wants to be making decisions at such a difficult time? That’s where a supportive and professional team will make all the difference and why we always advise finding the company that can best provide what you need and that you feel will lighten your load. Not everyone will fit the funeral you want to give your loved one.

Select a County Funeral in Luton

From offering modern funeral arrangements to religious funerals to respectful but straightforward simple funerals sans mourners, we can help with every type.

Our approach incorporates time-honoured traditional aspects you would expect from a generational family business, combined with family values. In addition, our understanding of preparing bespoke goodbyes means you can be sure we can help you and your family through while watching for all the extra details that are important to you. We want to help you say goodbye in your way while celebrating your loved ones’ last wishes. Bespoke is what we do.

Whatever You Need - We're Here to Help

Our assistance can be for elaborate or religious funeral rites or something more simple, without a service or mourners present. We assist with the conduction of Catholic, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish funerals, or something entirely non-religious or humanist.

All we do in our duties will respect each faith’s final essential requirements or the deceased’s last wishes. Perhaps there is a special place, time, or vehicle that brings back happy memories – we will work hard to accommodate and incorporate that into proceedings. We aim to help you say farewell in a personal way.

County Funerals Has a Dedicated Team

The County Funerals team do everything with compassion and professionalism – we genuinely want to help make this time that bit easier. Our services can include all arrangements required or something simpler. We do everything with the utmost respect and dignity for your departed loved one while supporting their family and friends. 

All Of Our Pricing is Crystal Clear

As recommended by the Competition and Market Authority’s (CMA) guidelines, we offer Standardised Prices. This transparency makes it easier to compare possible vendors, like for like, so there is less fuss when you make a decision. Simply click the link above to get an online copy or visit us in-store.

Contact Us for Your Funeral in Luton

With the host of funeral formats and variations possible on the market, we aim to create last goodbyes that are fit for you and your family while being one of a kind. Whether that’s no-frills to all the trimming, spiritual to meditative, Religious or humanist, we can help every step of the way. All you need to do for more information is get in touch with our team of experienced funeral directors.

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