Traditional Funeral

Religious funeral services exist in all cultures and world faiths and are filled with specific rites. Therefore, it’s important to find funeral directors who can fulfil these to the letter with respect and dignity for your departed loved one. We have assisted families from many different religions to create personalised Traditional Funerals, including assisting with arrangements for Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish Funerals, to name a few. You can rest assured we will support the preparations required for your needs with sensitivity and understanding.  

When you are making arrangements, there are a few points that will help you to get started. These can be useful whether you are making arrangements for your loved one or you want to organise your own Traditional Religious Funeral ahead of time.

Hire an Experienced Funeral Director

There are many funeral directors available now. However, as a Traditional Religious Funeral has so many particular rites and customs associated, it helps to have one familiar with your faith specifically. This will allow you to be sure they will be of the most help in what is already a difficult time, and there will be no need to describe each requirement explicitly. This is a great relief for many. 

Plan Ahead Where Possible

Often, if they know the end is imminent, many people will want to leave their thoughts and wishes for their funeral. Some write their instructions out, others put them in their Will or may tell loved ones. Others may go a step further to make arrangements for themselves directly with a Funeral Director of their choice to remove the burden from their family and loved ones instead of waiting until they have passed. This pre-planning means that wishes will be fulfilled and the requirements met as you or your loved one would have wanted. Nothing is left to chance.

Decide How Best to Honour Last Wishes

Prior to passing, if pre-planning has not happened, many people will adhere to religious traditions to stipulate how they want to be laid to rest. Religious traditions are significant to these funerary decisions and will determine arrangements and how they are carried out. Where you can, it helps to be clear on how to combine last wishes and tradition.

Pricing Options

Funerals can be expensive, particularly for traditional burials. So always select a company that is clear and open about their pricing, so there are no hidden nasty surprises and no going into debt for your loved ones’ send-off. We know this may seem like an odd addition to the list, but it is vital to the organisation process and will save you stress later.

Contact County Funerals

Making Traditional Religious Funeral arrangements may feel complicated, so we want to help in any way we can. We aim to provide peace of mind by handling your arrangements with respect while adhering to the religious specifications your loved one requires. In addition, we believe in transparency, so offer an online funeral price list or simply contact our experienced funeral directors here.

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